healthful practices
for your SAFETY
to return to work and resume business

Let your employees and customers know it’s safe to resume business!

CleanRated Provides:

Provides an easy-to-read checklist of best practices for pandemic preparedness, social distancing protocols and much more.

Helps you prepare your emergency response plan for COVID-19 types of incidents.

Encourages employee engagement at all of your locations in proper pandemic defense measures.

Provides a welcoming message of safety assurance to guests and customers to be able to return to work and resume business.

Is the most affordable and efficient way to keep up with CDC ongoing recommendations across all of your locations.

A robust platform to communicate your pandemic preparedness
at each of your locations. Don’t be guilty of doing nothing!


CleanRated by the Numbers

130There are over 130 yes/no checklist questions for you to choose from
130And over 130 “How To” links for helping you implement these practices
20Checklist can be completed in 20 minutes or less
15Each question is 15 words or less. (It’s so easy for all employees to understand and act upon!)