CleanRated allows companies, especially those with multiple locations, to take inventory at each location of their occupational hygiene protocols and practices. This allows them to communicate to all stakeholders the practices performed at each location to assure them that it’s OK to come inside.

Is It Safe Here?

As the global pandemic of 2020 unfolds, people start to wonder:

  • How safe is it to return to work?
  • How safe is it to frequent various places of business?

Along came – an online platform designed to:

  • Support businesses and organizations in promoting a maximally safe environment for employees and guests
  • Let people know it’s truly safe to return


The heart of the system is an easy-to-use 110+ item checklist (which will continue to grow) covering categories such as:

  • Cleaning (especially to protect against the transmission of disease)
  • Employment Practices (keeping employees and their families safe)
  • Emergency Responses (focused on safety and business continuity after an outbreak)
  • and others

All of the checklist items offer “How To” links for each practice. For example, the “How To” link for “clean and disinfect high-touch areas” links to a page that talks about how to do that. Similarly, the “How To” link for “have created an emergency communications plan” links to a page that helps you how to write one.

Let Them Know!

Once you’ve completed the checklist, CleanRated will send you a second-surface window sticker (shield sticks on the inside, reads from the outside) that expresses your commitment to a safe workplace – including a (smart-phone enabled) QR code that links to your profile page to communicate the practices your organization employs at each location.


  • Supports stakeholder engagement
  • Employs best practice communications
  • Enables and simplifies portfolio management
  • Is straightforward and easy to use
  • Is extremely affordable
  • Can launch the program over your entire portfolio in hours instead of months!